Snakes? In a bag? Don't ASP us!


We were alerted to two bags that had been dropped off outside Farringdon Community Fire station at around 6.30pm last night.

On opening – what turned out to be pillowcases – we discovered three large snakes and several smaller snakes, which may have been babies or another type of snake.

We immediately called for a crew and fire engine to come and isolate the area in order to safeguard the public. We then called for assistance from both the police and the RSPCA who turned up to collect the snakes.

Probably one of the strangest incidents we’ve ever had to deal with in a long time!

The snakes and firefighters have now parted ways … Fangs for the memories guys!🐍🐍

#Snakes #RSCPA #NotJustFires

Source: UKFH Facebook